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Henan Guoji Group

Henan Guoji Group was founded in October 1994, which was originally called No. 5 Construction and Installation Company in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, then changed to Henan Guoji Construction and Installation Company. It is an international corporation mainly engaged in construction and installation, real estate development and overseas development, supplemented with large-scale property management, greening and landscaping, project decoration.

Hill Park Project

A partnership between Ndola City Council and Henan Guoji Industry Group Co. Ltd of China that is delivering a new approach to urbanization and town design based on integrity and amicability. Hill Park is a gated community conveniently located in the residential area of Mitengo along Mufulira Road and stretches into the Dola Hill area of Ndola. The Levy Mwanawasa Stadium is just a couple minutes away for all the football lovers.

Hill Park covers an area of about 60 hectares and consists of medium and high cost residential houses, a modern road system, highly functioning property management and is protected 24/7 by a Security Team and CCTV cameras.

Integrated in Hill Park are Social and Commercial Facilities such as shopping centres, kindergartens, gymnasium, health centres and so much more.